Sometimes Work becomes Art, usually Art is a lot of Work…

Hi, I’m Bob Vanderstukken and welcome at Work & Art!

This site is mostly the result of slow-motion multitasking, a term that I encountered just a short while ago in the TED talk of Tim Harford, but which I’ve been doing for most of my life. In fact, in short, it states that in order to do creative work one might benefit from being engaged in very different environments and subjects.

I’m a theatre director, a musician, a father of two fantastic children, always supported by my better half, a project manager, a strategist, an epicurean and most of all an enthusiast. In my everyday life I find myself in business as well as in creative scenes, mostly working closely together with people and trying to make the best out of these collaborations. The more I’m doing this, the more I see correlations between these worlds.

With this site I want to collect all these experiences of both Work & Art (…and by extension Life), books I’ve read, music I’ve heard, talks I’ve had, works of art I’ve seen,… and all the impressions they gave me. I try to reframe them here, for myself, to be able to keep them somewhere, so I won’t forget and where I’ll be able to review them later.

And, in the spirit of Working Out Loud, if someone would get inspired, interested, surprised or whatever by this, or if in the course of doing this I would encounter new ideas, people, energy,… that would make my day!

Therefore, see this site as a gift and as such make the best of it. I’m only putting some seeds in the ground, give them a little bit of water and we’ll see what will grow from it. Have fun!